Saturday, 10 May 2014

Red day ideas

Right, a couple of people have asked me for some meal plans for a red week, so, here are some that I had planned out for the last couple of weeks :)
I've been rubbish with my blog lately but I am off sick! 
Right so here goes 
Red day breakfast ideas
Poached eggs on toast
Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs
Grill up 
Sardines on toast
Weetabix (chocolate ones are a HEb plus 2 syns I believe) 
Smoked haddock
Asparagus and boiled eggs
Bacon sarnies 
Lunch ideas,
Now this is what I get stuck with!! 
I usually just go with a salad dressed with balsamic vinegar and some kinda meat or fish, but this week I am going to attempt to (in English get hubby to make, due to my bad back!) make a meat loaf and have that with veggies.
You could also make home made soups just be clear which veggies you can use first as you can't have parsnips,sweet potato, peas or sweetcorn as free foods! 
Tea time meal ideas! 
Well I have lots due to the fact I've found my recipe book! 
Basically I've replaced potato, with butternut squash (butternut squash chips with a little chilli are yummy) it sounds horrible but hubby found a recipe that used white cabbage instead of rice for a curry and it sounds eugh but it actually worked really well! 
We've had lots of curries, chicken in bacon, lots of fish (good for weightloss) you can make a quiche,
This week we are planning a meat loaf, donner kebab from the fake away book oh and the sw KFC (non tweek) is lovely too! 
I find going red plan is a guaranteed way of getting in your super-free as it's the only thing you can really bulk out your meals with! 
Try to keep it varied though, I found when I did a food diary that I was just eating the same veggies day in day out and obviously that's not going to help weight loss :) 
Oh and lastly don't forget, to change up your healthy extras :) I was guilty of being a bread and cheese girl, but now I'm also using potato, almond milk and hi fi bars to keep it all interesting :) 
Hope this helps! 

Sunday, 9 February 2014

This weeks meal plans (with a green day added!)

Breakfast - beans on toast
Lunch - rice and tuna with mixed bean salad 
Tea - salmon & risotto 
Breakfast - Hammy eggs with tomato
Lunch - jacket potato, tuna and salad
Tea - mushy pea curry 
Breakfast - omelette 
Lunch - sea food rice
Tea - steak, jacket and salad 
Thursday (green day) 
Breakfast - veggie grill up 
Lunch - jacket and beans 
Tea - veggie sausage and bean casserole 
Breakfast - Scrambled eggs with mushrooms and tomatoes
Lunch - ham salad
Tea - quiche and salad 
Breakfast -Scrambled eggs 
Lunch - smoked haddock
Tea - BBQ pulled pork, sw chips and salad 
Breakfast - Grill up 
Lunch - quiche and salad 
Tea - roast pork 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

This weeks meal plan

Breakfast - Eggs, beans, and sausages 
Lunch - cous cous, salad and tuna
Tea - salmon and butternut squash risotto with spinach.
Breakfast - omelette 
Lunch - Seafood rice
Tea - turkey steaks, jacket and salad
Breakfast - sardines on toast with tomatoes
Lunch - jacket potato and prawns and salad
Tea - sea food stew & vegetables 
Breakfast - grill up 
Lunch - ham salad 
Tea - fish and chips 
Breakfast - hammy eggs 
Lunch - savoury rice 
Tea - quiche and jacket with salad 
Breakfast - scrambled eggs on toast 
Lunch - haddock or mackerel 
Tea - spaghetti Bol 
Breakfast - grill up
Lunch - quiche 
Tea - roast lamb

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

My made up fish stew!

I have to share my experiment! 

1 tin of chopped tomatoes, 
A selection of fish to your taste, mine  was fish pie mix, mussels, prawns and squid.
Mixed peppers 
2 fish stock cubes
Mixed herbs
A little curry powder 
A splash of Tabasco sauce
A splash of lee and perrins 

Chuck it all in the slow cooker on low for 8 hours! 

Yum! And totally syn free!! 
I will defiantly be making it again! 

Hope everyone is getting on ok, I lost half on Monday so I am still plodding on :) 

Love and syn free chocolate sprinkles 
Tracey x 

Monday, 13 January 2014

Time to think targets

So, I've been a slimming world member on and off for what is it? 5 years in March.............and not once until this week have i ever thought about actually setting my target!

All in all as of today I've now lost just over 3.5 stone, which feels amazing but i still feel huge :( which is really hard to deal with. so i think i still have a little way to go before i am really happy with where i am!

I'm finding it hard not to lured in my BMI numbers though as i believe to reach my ideal BMI i would need to lose another 3 stone, and i am not entirely sure that's where i really want to be!

How did others work their target number out? Do i really need one? I literally have no idea what weight i really want to be! Just a dress that i want to fit into!

I suppose i could set a half stone target for march when i am on my hols, and then to lose the last stone by September for Ethan's birthday?!

I'm feeling very positive about my weight loss journey at the moment and i feel like everything is working out at the moment which is a nice feeling especially as people are really starting to notice now i have new clothes to wear!

Another thing that i feel i should mention is a huge thank you for all the in box messages i have had on Facebook saying what an inspiration I've been to them :) It really is a massive honour to receive messages like this on a daily basis as i think that's what keeps me going when i find it hard, and believe me i do find it very hard!!!

i have also set up a face book public page to make my blog more interactive so if anyone has any input to add to a post or if anyone wants to talk targets with me the link is

anyways, i'm off for tonight sorry for the brief post but i'm shattered from looking after my darling 2 year old lol!!

love and syn free chocolate sprinkles
Tracey xxx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

This weeks meal plans

Breakfast - eggs, bacon, tomatoes
Lunch tuna, with couscous salad
Tea salmon in a Mediterranean tomato sauce topped with creamy potato slices

Breakfast Omelette
Lunch tuna salad with couscous
Tea Chinese pork chops, mash, carrots, beans

Breakfast smoked salmon, scrambled eggs, tomatoes
Lunch jacket potato and beans
Tea spaghetti bol

Breakfast grill up
Lunch tuna and jacket potato, salad
Tea plaice, Sw chips, salad

Breakfast kedgeree
Lunch quiche and salad
Tea slimming world kebabs

Breakfast scrambled egg
Lunch smoked haddock
Tea spicy chicken & chips

Breakfast Grill up
Lunch rice
Tea lamb tagine

Monday, 30 December 2013

New year new you? Read this!

I first went to slimming world thanks to a very good friend of mine before I got married! She had been on the plan for a few weeks and couldn't praise the plan enough to me so I thought maybe it was with a try! I didn't go in January, I started in March, the fact of is, the month you start doesn't matter, but if you're not happy don't put it off! 

I went home from work that day, and did some research on the slimming world web page, which I must add is a complete god send so don't forget to make a note of your pin to get you on line! 
So, it all looked good and I decided to give it a try, with the help of my very supportive husband! 

When the day came it was scary to say the least! I personally went through so many different emotions! Denial, thinking that I didn't need to go at all, then thinking they'd kick me out for being too fat, and worrying that it would be just a big group of clique women who wouldn't make an effort to talk to you! Thinking that it was all a big faddy diet and no one can lose weight without being hungry! How wrong could I be!

When you walk through the door you'll be shown by someone where to go, there is usually a little table set up for new members so your consultant can talk you through the plan with out any disruptions, as it can be a bit over whelming at first! But don't worry we all felt like that to start with, and there is always someone around to ask questions! 

You'll fill in an enrolment form and be processed through at the end of group with all the weighing done in private! I can't stress enough about the privacy of group! 

I help out on the social team, which are the volunteers who help the consultant run the group, I help with the weighing and I can hand on heart say, we see so many people that I couldn't even remember someone's weight, even if I really wanted to! Also, we have to keep all information confidential, so if you are shy, don't worry :) 

At the first group, you'll listen to how everyone got on in their week (que a lot of clapping, you'll get used it it!) It was at this point on my first session I literally thought that everyone was brainwashed!!! 
I couldn't work out how these people I shared the room with had eaten all of the lovely food they'd talked about and were sat there with their huge weight losses! 
Staying at group to me is the most important thing! I know some see it as just sitting and talking about food, but it really is more than that! It's what you're paying for so if you have time I'd really recommend it, for ideas sometimes the solution to something is so easy but just something you've not thought of :) 

The first week is hard, I'm not going to lie! You feel like you've constantly got your head in your 'slimming world bible' but you will get it, even if you spend the first week living off of jacket beans and salad for fear of messing it up!! (Pretty sure we've all been there!)
I think the biggest fear is eating too much! As there are so many free foods!

There is always a way to ask for help though, wether it's on line, through Facebook, or just a quick phone call to your consultant, there is no need to stay confused till the next group :) 

How quickly or slowly sw works to me is irrelevant! If you lose quickly, fab well done, if you lose slowly, it's ok it's coming off and that's much better than the weight you could have put on by not going! 

I hope this post has helped at least one person who's feeling nervous about coming to group, it really is one big family who really look out for each other. 

I wish you well in your journey if you start it next week any questions please get in touch 
Love and syn free chocolate sprinkles 
Tracey x